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Shipping Database
BLM-Shipping provides basic information of over 390,000 ships, details of over 120,000 ships. Over 50,000 ship AIS positions daily, ship AIS track from 2009, near 10,000 seaport and terminals, tides prediction of over 8,000 station and seaport, over 50,000,000 port distance, over 100,000 vessel tracking, ship movement over 600 seaport, over 150,000 shipping companies and over 200,000 contacts.
Ship AIS Position
BLM-Shipping browse live ship AIS position on google map, yahoo map, bing map etc. Fleet management position ships AIS in real-time. Browse ship navigation track from year 2009. Filtering and analyze ship AIS on electric maps.Both the coastal AIS and the satellite AIS are available.
Seaport Database
BLM-Shipping provides seaport, seaport introduction, seaport pictures, seaport VHF communications, seaport ship size, seaport weather 5 days forecasting, terminals and berth of seaport and seaport entry. Ship movement of a seaport, such as arrivals, departures, in port and moored. One or more years seaport tides predictions.
Voyage Management
BLM-Shipping calculate port distance, ship navigation route and then design a voyage. By assignation a ship to a voyage, you can combine voyage plan with ship AIS.Also you can use ship AIS to revise you voyage. And you can subscribe event notification of the voyage.
Unified Communication
BLM-Shipping communication environment including IM, mobile SMS, IPPhone. Convenient communication environment help you search shipping service companies and contacts you concern. You can use SMS or email to subscribe ship AIS event notification in a ship navigation. You can contact with shipping service companies and its contact using IP Phone.

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